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Friends of SOAR and the ME-109

    These days, we all seem to be besieged with request from all sides for money for one cause or another, by telephone call or what is generally referred to as "junk mail". This begging, as we like to call it, is very annoying, but apparently successful otherwise everbody would not be doing it. So as much as we abhor the practice, we may be forced to consider that approach.

    As everyone knows, building and restoring vintage warbirds is a costly and time-consuming endeaver, probably more so than we ever anticipated. While sponsors and donations have been sought for some time, the response has been disappointing. A while back we initiated the publication of periodic progess reports in a hoped for way of encouraging even small donations. However the response to that approach has been poor as well, not even sufficient to cover the cost of preparation, publication and dissemination.

    What to do? While we can cease publication and its financial drain, that would be unfair to those who have demonstrated an interest in the project and the reports. We could make continued receipt of the reports subject to to the receipt of some type of donation, at least to cover our cost. Or lastly, we could resort to a little of the disliked "begging" and see what happens. So, for the immediate future we've opted for the latter approach. Your response will let us know what to do.

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